Self Defense Classes for Women and Girls

SHIELD Women's Self Defense System®

TEEN Intensive Self Defense Program


Open for Teen Girls ages 12 to 19

Weekly Intensive Training specifically for TEEN girls. Safe Dating & Healthy Relationship workshops are incorporated in this program. 

Class Options:

- Tuesday & Thursday 5-6pm

- Sundays 4-6pm. 

Tryout 1 Week Training for $1


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5 Weeks Intensive Training


Open for women and teen girls ages 13 & up (11 if mom joins)

Classes meet once per week for 2 hours on Sunday from 1-3pm for 5 consecutive weeks.

 Students can miss and make up 1 class in the 5 weeks program.

Tuition is $345


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All Day Crash Course


Open for women and teens 13 & up (11 if mom joins)

 The All Day Crash Course gives your a skills you need to know in one full day. Small class size, 8 students max. Get empowered in one day!  The Course meets for one day from 10am to 4pm. 

Tuition is $195


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Fitness & Conditioning Workout


Open for women and teens 14 & up

SHIELD Self Defense Fitness training is a unique complete full body workout and conditioning training for women. Aside from learning how to kick, strike, knee and elbow, this class will help you lose weight, tone up, get stronger, increase coordination, and increase speed. It's awesome!

Tuition is $175/mo (month to month)

Class time: Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:45-7:45pm. 

Tryout 1 Week Training for $1 


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Private Group/Private Lesson


Open for ALL ages 8 & up. 


Private Lesson is the best way to learn self defense because it is specifically for you. It allows the session to focus on your strength and weaknesses. We recommend Private Lesson to all students. 


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Get some friends, family, coworkers and start learning on how to fight back in a fun private group setting. Each workshop is 2 hours long. 

Up to 9 people $450 

10 or more people $550 

The training is conducted at our Studio

$100 travel fee to conduct at your location


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Corporate Training


Partial client list

Open for Companies

We offer Corporate Self-Defense Workshops at your office. We visit your office with all the gears and mats  to conduct the workshop. Your employees will love and appreciate the training. It's a moral boost and 'employee bonding' experience. It's awesome! 

Tuition is $750


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Kids Classes

After School Program


Open for girls ages 8 to 12

Program includes: self defense training for kids, self empowering workshops, yoga, core workout, agility training, outdoor sports, arts & craft, and more!

We provide FREE Transportation from the following schools:

- El Rincon Elementary

- El Marino Elementary

- Farragut Elementary


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Empowerment SUMMER CAMP for Girls


Open for girls ages 6 to 19

Program includes: Women's Self Defense, Water Sports Lessons, Assertiveness Training, Dance, Healthy Relationship/Dating Safety Workshop, Yoga, Meditation, Core Workout, Agility Training, and More! 

Registration opens on January 1, 2020


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