SHIELD Women's Self Defense F.A.Q.

Is SHIELD training exclusively for women and girls?


Women are attacked differently and for different reasons. Women also have a different body structure that men. All of SHIELD movements and techniques are created with this in mind. We rely heavily on the lower body strength, instead of upper body strength. 

What is your minimum age?

Our classes are recommended for girls 14 years old and up. However, if the mom or older sister is joining the class at the same time, a 12 years old can join the class. 

What to bring or wear in class?

Wear comfortable exercise attire that you can easily move around with. We do not wear shoes in class, but socks are appropriate. Non-slip socks are best to wear in class. 

Bring a bottle of water/drink. 

If you are doing the Conditioning classes, you will sweat. A lot. So bring a hand towel with you to class.

What's the difference between SHIELD and martial art training like Karate, Jiujitsu, MMA?

Martial arts is a sport. It has rules and it is in 'point system'. 

SHIELD moves and techniques are based on various martial arts principles. However, SHIELD does not train for a 'ring fight' or 'tournament'. We train for street fight, dirty & fast! We aim to take down our opponent the fastest way possible, in chaos, with no rules and with all means. 

ALL of our moves are created specifically for women against a much bigger opponent. 

How long will it take until I become proficient with the skills?

It all depends on you. We had students who took our classes a few times and became very good at it. We also had students who need more time to develop the skills. We think 5 weeks is a minimum to get the basics, but 3 months is recommended. 

But some people can't commit that long. This is why we offer different courses. You can do one or more Private Lesson, ONE-DAY Crash Course, 5-Week Course, 3-Month Course, or ongoing Conditioning/Kickboxing Classes. Each program has its advantages to fit your schedule. 

We don't do cardio kickboxing. Every course you take at SHIELD is about realistic self defense training for women. 

What if I have to miss a clas or two?

In the 5 week Weekly Intensive Program, you can miss and make up 1 class.

In the 3 month Weekly Intensive Program, you can miss and make up 4 classes. 

In the TEEN 4 Day Course, we suggest you try to go to all 4 consecutive days for your own good to get the benefit of 4 consecutive days of training. However, you can miss and make up 1 day to a Sunday class. It needs to be arranged with the instructor ahead of time. 


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