SHIELD Women's Self Defense Los Angeles

Endorsements and Testimonials

"It was an empowering experience for all of us…..we quickly learned, a woman's size plays little role.  
It's about gaining physical leverage, each of us gave it a shot....potentially life saving skills, with a dash of FUN in the process!"

Kathy Vara & Alycia Lane
NBC Anchors "Today in LA" 
NBC self defense training

"You are officially the ladies' favorite instructor EVER! They could not stop talking about you and everything they learned during your workshop. Thank you for joining us and for doing such an incredible job during the sessions. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! It is life-changing for them! They feel empowered, confident, strong and excited with their new training. Thank you, thank you, thank you! GO BRUINS!"
Mollie V.

Spirit Squad Director
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
UCLA self defense training for the past 5 years

"I wanted to express my gratitude for donating your time to empower the Survivor's Art Circle group members with your phenomenal self-defense program! Teaching this particular group self-defense in a safe, non-jugemental manner is a difficult task that you executed with such ease. Indeed you are wonderful at what you do and we are lucky to have had you! You're a wonderful example of the huge difference one person can make to stop sexual assault and domestic violence! Thank you again for everything!" 

~ Christy 
Survivor's Art Circle Group 
Self defense class for survivors of Domestic Violence and sexual assault

"On behalf of Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, I would like to thank you for a truly extraordinary assembly.  The students and faculty were so excited to learn the basics of self-defense and to hear such relevant advice.  It was empowering to see how some of our very petite students could break away from the grip, chokehold or embrace of an attacker.  We very much hope to have you back to the hill again.  Thanks!"
Leslie M.
Survivor Club Co-Moderator
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy  

"The Self Defense demonstration was extremely useful with the simple methods for women to use to effectively defend themselves against a sexual assault or an attack.  The visual presentation was educational in the fundamental ideals of awareness for individuals to be aware of their surroundings, prevention of a dangerous situation, reduction and avoidance of personal risks. Hard hitting physical techniques which are simple in design yet powerful in delivery were presented by skilled instructor Nelson Nio.  Real life scenarios provided for each technique showed the relevance of their impact. We intend to continue to provide this valuable instruction in the near future."

Olivia R.
Executive Director
LA Co Board of Supervisors Domestic Violence Council  

"With the terrible statistics documenting the epidemic of violence against women, it is more important than ever for women to become empowered to take an active role in their own safety.  Learning self-defense skills is vital.  Nelson provides a valuable service to the community of women by presenting an excellent interactive demonstration of basic techniques.  His manner is very personable and professional and the 45 minute lunchtime class is highly popular - one attendee described it as... awesome!"
Jessica S.
Special Projects Manager
L.A. County Office of Women's Health (Department of Public Health)
Women self defense classes for the Office of Women's Health in the past 6 years.

"Nelson is passionate, dedicated, and extremely powerful speaker and teacher. His style will easily put even the most difficult students at ease. It has been an honor and pleasure working with such a fine man."
Robin Sax
Legal Commentator and Analyst for CNN
Former LA County Deputy District Attorney

"In March 2008, I set up a self defense session with Nelson for a group of my friends. It was one of the most illuminating and empowering experiences and one that I would recommend to all women and girls. Nelson was energetic, patient, personable and was able to adapt the session based on our needs. For example, the youngest member in our group was only 14 at the time and he made sure that he taught her skills that were more applicable to her size. Highly recommended!"
Clarissa J

"I loved every minute of my class with Nelson Nio on self defense... I would recommend this to all female employees and kudos to Fox for making the class available to us on the lot.  I would even take it a second time as a refresher.  This is really a gift from FOX to its employees. Many thanks!"
Suzanne W.
FOX Studios

"Nelson is the ultimate professional - an expert in his field, organized and well-respected in his field."
Paul D.
Executive Director, Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Woodbury University

"Nelson Nio was always accessible, organized and responded to our company's requests in a very timely and professional manner. He helped us to stay on budget and to achieve several company goals and objectives. I would highly recommend Nelson to lead and manage a project for us or another client in the future."
Marc K.
Executive in Charge of Production
America's Most Wanted TV Show

"Nelson, on behalf of the East Los Angeles College Violence Prevention Team, I would like to thank you for coming to our campus to provide the excellent self-defense demonstration to our students. It was fun and interactive, and our students were really excited to share what they've learned with their friends. I will follow up with my team regarding the possibility of having you teach a more ongoing course."
Tiffany R.
Violence Prevention Team
East Los Angeles College

"Nelson is astounding in his integrity and commitment to teaching women how to take better care of themselves through self defense. When asking us to do physical things in class that look daunting...or impossible...the words "I can't" never came out of any of our mouths. Nelson instilled trust that he knows how far each of us can go and he lived up to all of my expectations. In his amazing way of teaching, he led me to discover how amazing I AM! From Nelson's Shield training, I now have a much better feel of what is going on around me and I am much more confident. He taught me how to link to my Energy on several levels, and then add his techniques. This brings me a constant flow of Energy, Confidence, and Fearlessness. In class, he is a fierce opponent, as he knows an opponent on the street will be just as fierce. Yet he also brings compassion and understanding to each of us and works us as a class and individually on our own specific levels. I HIGHLY recommend him!!!!"
Kathie B.
FOX Studios

"Nelson Nio is a dedicated professional who has a passion for training women to protect themselves against abuse, rape and other crimes. His passion and energies are brought into the self-defense training he provides - making them fun, informative and most of all, useful in self protection. I have had the privilege of having Nelson and SHIELD Self-Defense at my organization on several different occasions providing training to staff and clients. I recommend Nelson to anyone wanting professional self-defense instructor. He is caring and his trainings are fun!"
Dr. Kathie Mathis
CEO - Mathis & Associates
National Domestic Violence Expert

"The SHIELD Self-Defense program helps women protect AND empower themselves by teaching skills that help keep women safe in everyday situations.  Nelson is an attentive instructor who focuses on the individual strengths and needs of each student.  He is committed to empowering women with the Shield program and beyond."
Lindsey H.
National Organization for Women (NOW) - Hollywood Chapter   

"I wasn't expecting the class to be such a workout, but I really enjoyed it. We started by meditating to relax and to clear our minds. Then we practiced stances that kept us balanced and grounded. We learned how to switch our footing and move forward and backward quickly without losing our balance. Next, we practiced elbow strikes...Then we added a knee kick to the elbow strikes... The last part of class included learning how to get out of a choke hold and a wrist grab. This was my favorite part of the class because I felt I was learning something extremely useful... I learned that as a woman, I shouldn't be afraid to hurt someone in order to protect myself. I also learned that my voice can be just as powerful as my body. I felt empowered after class and I am excited for next week. I told my friends all about the moves I learned and how fun it was. Even though my muscles were sore after class, I expect to be more self confident and to feel more powerful after these seven weeks are over."
Yvette (Woodbury University)

"Right from the first class, we were immersed in drills that gave us first hand experience about what it was like to be jolted (off balance) and attacked.  No part of our bodies was safe; throat, hair, sneak attacks from behind, being lifted off the ground.  All of these scenarios sound terrifying.  Yet Nelson helped us to experience and free ourselves from discomfort and anxiety.  This went far beyond mental preparation.  My body quickly adapted to aggressive physical contact, and instinctively “knew” how react in order to defend and free myself.  And how to turn the tables on an attacker.  No situation left me frozen in fear or pain.  This was remarkable feeling for me!

I have been urging friends to take this incredible course.  The moves are so basic, so easy.  This is the only self defense course that has been so liberating for me.  Nelson deserves great praise for his simple, enlightening techniques.  This man is a master of self defense.  And we are blessed that he has taken the time and shown such compassion to reach out to women like myself.  Thank you for being such an excellent teacher."
Kristen D. (FOX Entertainment Group)

"Thank you for bringing this workshop to us, it was very informative.  I would definitely be interested in participating in any future Self Defense classes; Mr. Nio’s training was very realist which is exactly what I was hoping to experience today."
Yolanda V.  (Office of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky)

"Nelson is a great asset to us here at 20th Century FOX. He kindly and respectfully taught us powerful self defense techniques. He is a dedicated and patient teacher who gets right to the core of what you need to know to level the playing field. He teaches powerful techniques that every woman should be aware of. I am a student of Kung Fu and I learned more about self defense in Nelson's class than I did in my years of Kung Fu training. His techniques are practical, to the point and are taught in a supportive environment. Nelson is a treasure."  
Barbara B. (FOX Studios)

"I believe this class is invaluable for women. Nelson’s style of teaching is fun and thorough. He provides a safe environment, gives individual attention to each student and he’s always open to questions. I will be recommending this class highly to all my friends and colleagues."
Susan A. (FOX Studios)

"My first class was a total workout. I never expected it to be like that. I thought we were gonna yell NO!!!, and learn a couple of different ways to fight. Including kicking of the crotch, and other typical things you think of when you are attacked by a man. I'm very glad it's not like that. The class surprised me when we learned very different ways to defend and fight... I was definitely sweating like I was working out. I know my classmates were feeling the same way. What we learned was how to defend ourselves in close situations and how to hurt someone when they are attacking you in a close range.... from the first class I at least know some things I would have never known otherwise. It is such a scary topic but its something that every woman should know. Women should be more open to take this class because it could help them in a tough situation."
Debbie (Woodbury University)

"I would like to say thank you very much for the training you provided for us on Sat at All Saints.  I think I speak for all the women in saying that you were very informative and taught us well.  The course that you taught and the way that you taught it was very well done.  I appreciated you taking your time for us. Thank you and look forward to seeing you again."
Danielle (All Saint Church)

"I just wanted to thank you for one of the most empowering days of my life.  Thank you so much for what you do to protect women and young girls.  May God bless you and all of your endeavors."
Vivian (All Saint Church)

"You have a very gentle touch and yet the lessons are about as real and tough as can be!"   
Lynn (FOX Studios)

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