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What are my natural weapons?  

What are my targets?

How do I hit properly?

How do I keep from panicking?

What if I’m pinned to the ground?

How do I get a man twice my size off my body?

What if I’m being choked?

What if someone grabs me from behind? 

What if I’m pushed to the ground?  

What to do when someone pulls my hair?


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SHIELD Women's Self Defense System has provided women's self defense classes and self defense workshops for LA County Department of Public Health, BuzzFeed, LA County Office of Women's Health, FOX Studios, Kaiser Permanente, Lionsgate, Discovery, UCLA Spirit Squad, USC, E! "Keeping up with the Kardashians", LA Mayor's Office, Santa Monica Police Activities League, and various companies, schools, private groups and government entities. 

The logic is simple, to get used to something, we first have to experience it. We can't swim without going in the water. The difference between fear and terror is in knowing what to do. When we know what to do, fear is a motivation ally. When we don't know what to do, or have never experienced it, we will freeze in terror because we have no clear goal on how to respond. The difference is in the TRAINING!


Student's Perspective (TEENAGER)

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       SHIELD training for UCLA Spirit Squad for the past 8 years

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Students' perspectives:

"Right from the first class, we were immersed in drills that gave us first hand experience about what it was like to be jolted (off balance) and attacked. No part of our bodies was safe; throat, hair, sneak attacks from behind, being lifted off the ground. All of these scenarios sound terrifying, yet Nelson helped us to experience and free ourselves from discomfort and anxiety. This went far beyond mental preparation. My body quickly adapted to aggressive physical contact, and instinctively “knew” how react in order to defend and free myself. And how to turn the tables on an attacker. No situation left me frozen in fear or pain. This was remarkable feeling for me! I have been urging friends to take this incredible course.  The moves are so basic, so easy. This is the only self defense course that has been so liberating for me…"
- Kristen (FOX Entertainment Group)

"My first class was a total workout. I never expected it to be like that. I thought we were gonna yell NO!!!, and learn a couple of different ways to fight. Including kicking of the crotch, and other typical things you think of when you are attacked by a man. I'm very glad it's not like that. The class surprised me when we learned very different ways to defend and fight... I was definitely sweating like I was working out. I know my classmates were feeling the same way. What we learned was how to defend ourselves in close situations and how to hurt someone when they are attacking you in a close range.... from the first class I at least know some things I would have never known otherwise. It is such a scary topic but it's  something that every woman should know. Women should be more open to take this class because it could help them in a tough situation."
- Debbie (Woodbury University)

BBC World News Interview 2016
BBC World News from London sent a reporter to class for an interview.
It was featured in its documentary programme of people from around the world, June 2016

LA Weekly "Best of LA People" 

LA WEEKLY Best of LA People - Self defense for women

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